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Carpet TilesWhen some older people think of these they think back to the hairy type! Carpet tiles are a relatively unknown option when it comes to carpeting your living room. They are all to often associated with the cheap looking 99p per tile that you see in the big high street stores. The reason why? Well it's because these retailers don't sell the the really good stuff that is available. There are some truly amazing choices these days. By the way, for true enthusiast, they still make hairy carpet tile!

Carpet tiles have been here for over 50 years and were originally created for homes as a hard wearing alternative to traditional broadloom carpet. Carpet tiles offer many advantages and make designing your own floor scheme easy allowing you to create stylish or unusual designs. Recently there have been some great new designs introduced - Perfect for the industrial style theme. Interior designers, makeover programs and interior magazines are increasingly presenting carpet tiles as a new design trend. With all the different designs, textures and colourways available you can really let your imagination go and create a truly distinctive, tactile, industrial style yet cozy floor.

But, finding these in the home is still quite unusual. What really did take off and where carpet tiles are predominantly installed is in commercial and office premises. Thats where the good stuff is usually found and the cheap ones are usually in homes. If you are willing to pay more than the 99p per tile, then discover what you can really do with carpet tiles.




A typical carpet tile dealer


The amazing looks that can be created are usually done in large commercial installations. You may have seen this yourself and thought, what a stunning floor and had no idea it was achieved by using tiles. Typical offerings look cheap and boring - So why go for the cheapest when there is so much more out there to create an amazing room? Carpet tiles are underestimated - Only the interior designers seem to get this - It was and still is an undiscovered potential for great home decor design.

If you want that special contemporary industrial style look for your floor but can't find where to buy, contact us, we should be able to help you.


If you want to buy carpet tiles for your home or commercial project we can help you. Here is what is generally available from these leading manufacturers in the UK.

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Cog IconYou can really let your imagination free with carpet tiles. Make your own designs using full or cut up tiles, vary the colour and the textures too. You just need a helpful supplier that will allow you to buy in small quantities or who has some end of line tiles in stock. You can even have a part wood or ceramic floor along with using carpet tiles - There is no need for ugly edging, simply butt the tiles up to the edges.


30 carpet tile ideas for that unique contemporary industrial style

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