Here are some articles about industrial decor. As always, we have more questions than answers so if you want to help us answer these questions we welcome your comments!

Dining RoomIndustrial style meets the practicality of the modern romantic that wants to create a warm, welcoming home for your dinner guests. If you are looking for a chic style for your dining room, check out these amazing industrial styles. A great urban collection of ideas that will add a spice of loft style living to your dining room.

UK FlagLittle Britain, little Britain - Otherwise known as the United Kingdom. The UK has a longstanding reputation, historically proven in almost every sense, for standing out from the crowd - Being totally different. A longstanding absolute influence on the whole world. In every way the whole world 'pivots' on this strange nation full of astonishing and peculiar people. The nation that invented 'The Industrial Revolution', and here we celebrate 'Litte Britain' and showcase so much it has to offer! For those who like the other "Litte Britain' go to the BBC and get something else - That's a good laugh too!

Carpet TilesWhen some older people think of these they think back to the hairy type! Carpet tiles are a relatively unknown option when it comes to carpeting your living room. They are all to often associated with the cheap looking 99p per tile that you see in the big high street stores. The reason why? Well it's because these retailers don't sell the the really good stuff that is available. There are some truly amazing choices these days. By the way, for true enthusiast, they still make hairy carpet tile!

The human mindSome industrious articles and news stories from around the world. Taken from online newspapers, magazines and blogs. If you have a great article you want us to link to just let us know.

A huge collection of inspirational images from peoples homes and commercial premises.

Industrial Style Furniture in a RoomIt used to be that industrial wasn't even a style - It was a reality of workaday living long ago. But somewhere along the way, we began to appreciate its lack of pretension and the visual appeal that lies within utilitarian surfaces - Such as stripped-back architecture and salvaged artefacts. It exploded into a fashion that shows no signs of ending, and nowadays, you're as likely to find industrial décor inside a multimillion-dollar mansion as well as in a converted loft in a grimey part of the city.

Wood FloorThere is an undoubted dynamism and mystery that lies in the reclamation of timbers once stepped on by vanished generations from a bygone era. Taking these pieces out of their original context gives them a new lease  life, with each new flooring installation becoming a work of art in its own right, whilst preserving the historical charm.

Here are some truly industrious hobby ideas for you to indulge in, from the most simple modelmaking ideas to the more extravagent! Here are some websites and videos that offer something worth taking a look at.

There are quite a few interior designers and architects who specialise in the industrial decor style and there are several brilliant websites that are devoted to the industrial theme. Her we try to bring you the best of them after extensive research.

Here are some of the topics we intend to cover over the coming weeks. We welcome your valued ideas and input to these. Please submit your suggestions below.

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