Retro Industrial Bazaars

Recommended retro bazaar shopping destinations and websites for great industrial furniture, home decor and collectibles. Read about the bazaars, markets and websites that offer the unusual. Some of them are our competitors some are not - We don't care about that just so long as to tell you where to find the best! And if we can help you just let us know.

Coming soon, a free bazaar for true industrial style gold diggers!

Papaya ShopPapaya vintage is unlike any shop you have even seen before. Many people in Bangkok have heard of it but few have actually stepped inside it. Many people in the world have no idea that this amazing place actually exists. It is so bizarre that some of the best genuine vintage items on display are not even offered for sale! What kind of shop would do that?

This shop is Ali Baba meets Indiana Jones. If you haven't been there before, you won't be impressed by the location and nor by the exterior of the warehouse. Because that's what Papaya is; a warehouse in the suburbs of Bangkok.

Rod Fai MarketThis place is a market like no other. Talad Rod Fai (Train Market - ตลาดรถไฟ) night market is situated in an abandoned railway station owned by the government of Thailand. This retro shopping village is a haven for retro vintage lovers. It is a very different kind of shopping experience for anyone who is bored of the everyday street markets.

There’s a shopping area with shops clustered together, many quite bright and clean. But, more exciting than this area, you can go straight to the bars and more exciting night market area. After reaching the end of the normal everyday market, there is a brightly lit building on the far left. That’s the warehouse that contains all the beautiful artefacts from the past. Through just one little alley away, an entirely different world appears. Showcasing and selling vintage furniture and things – Gramophones, typewriters, furniture, household wares, toys, electronics, signs, war memorabilia plus all kinds of collectibles.

Scrap Metal CogsIn the UK there are many opportunities to find something industrial. Why not try some of the many UK's scrap metal dealers to find that un-usual artifact or special nugget!

Some, not all, scrap metal merchants allow the general public in to browse and purchase items. You should call them and check what they have on offer before you go there. Try to be a specific as possible to avoid any confusion. These places are heavily regulated by H&S laws these days - It isn't what it used to be!

Lowry painting displayed on an iPadThese are truly amazing websites that offer something alternative to the mainstream. We list direct links to their websites along with any great features they have. Most of them are UK based, some from the USA, but many will supply world-wide.

Browse 1000's of amazing retro and industrial pieces, reproduction or genuine from the top retailers.

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